Results Of Breast Reconstruction

Once the breast is reconstructed, there is definitely a moderate amount of:

- swelling

- pain

- redness

- bruising

These transient side effects last for a few weeks. One should avoid all heavy exercise and sporting activities for at least 4-8 weeks after the procedure.

If the surgeon has used non absorbable sutures, one has to see the surgeon again in 10-14 days for suture removal.

As the swelling and pain settle down, one can see the full benefits of the reconstructed breast and at this point in time, the majority of women feel a lot better about the procedure

When there has been lost of sensation around the nipples, one has to be patient. Only time will heal the numbness. In some cases, the numbness is permanent

Unfortunately, the scar lines from breast reconstruction do not fade away. They may be partially visible for a long time. To prevent the scar lines from darkening, sunlight should be avoided.

Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy will never achieve "Pamela Anderson Type Breasts" but overall you will feel a lot better. With a positive outlook to life, you will definitely have a better image appeal.

All women who undergo breast reconstruction after mastectomy for cancer, need frequent and regular follow up to ensure that the cancer does not recur. Regular physical exams and mammograms should be done as recommended by your physician

Unfortunately, breast reconstruction does not guarantee ideal results. Even though good results do occur in some women, there are some women who have a poor result and dis-satisfaction is common.

The key to achieving a good result is to be realistic and follow the surgeon's advice. After having undergone surgery for cancer, having a reconstructed breast should be viewed as a bonus in life.

The cost of breast reconstruction is not a cheap undertaking. The prices do vary depending on the type of reconstruction and any other additional procedures. The cost of breast reconstruction on average starts at $ 5000 and can go as high as $ 20,000.

Breast reconstruction following mastectomy for cancer is generally covered by most medical insurance carriers. Most carriers do provide some degree of financial coverage and it is best to call your company and find out the exact details.

Final analysis

Since you are definitely going to pay a lot of money for your breast reconstruction, you want the best result without many complications. So choose your surgeon well. Talk to individuals who have had the procedure and be informed. Surgeons very rarely return money back even if they screw up

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