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A person's neck can sag at any age and the neck area can be a source of self-consciousness. The neck can have excessive weight from genetic fat storage; or be loose, with excess skin from weight loss. The neck area can respond well to liposculpture, or to an open neck lift surgical technique. The choice of technique really depends on what your concerns are and what your underlying problems are. If you are considering a neck, there are several cosmetic surgeons in New York area who can assist you with the procedure of your choice.

Being overweight is one condition that can cause your neck to appear obtuse. Other causes may be a genetic predisposition to having a significant amount of fat in the jaw. Age can also cause your skin to droop making your jaw line appear jowly. Then there are those suffering from a condition known as retrognathia, where the jaw recedes and makes it look as if the person has no chin or jaw line.

A neck lift can help to improve the appearance of your neck and under the jaw line. This procedure is designed to reduce the look of loose, sagging skin. A neck lift can be performed alone, or in conjunction with other procedures including face lift and chin augmentation. Combined, these procedures can provide a complete facial makeover.

Good Candidate for a Neck Lift

A good candidate for this procedure is someone who has realistic goals and expectations as well as being physically and mentally stable. You need to understand that cosmetic surgery is meant for improvement, not perfection.

The Procedure

A neck lift may be performed at an outpatient surgery center or at a hospital. This procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis and performed under general anesthesia, allowing you to sleep during the operation. The procedure takes about two to three hours for your surgeon to complete. If multiple procedures are performed, it takes longer. The neck lift is actually a combination of procedures. The first is cervicoplasty, where excess skin is removed. The other is platysmaplasty, where neck muscles are removed or altered. You can also have liposuction done at the same time to remove fat deposits from the neck.

During cervicoplasty, two incisions are made either under or behind the ear. When combined with a platysmaplasty, a small incision is made under the chin. Sections of skin are trimmed, lifted into place and sutured. Then, a section of fat and muscle is removed and the ends are sutured together at the front section of the neck. The skin can be brought together under or behind the ear to further firm up appearance of the neck.

Your surgeon will have developed his or her own technique a neck lift that will provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing neck. A neck lift is a combination of various procedures, but for you, one procedure alone could improve the appearance of your neck. You should consult a plastic surgeon in your area for more information.

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