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Staying out of the Sun

Avoiding sun: Sun exposure is a major cause of skin aging and formation of wrinkles. Avoiding the sun is a very important method or preventing premature aging of the skin. One should avoid the sun during the peak times from 10 am to 3 pm. During this time period, levels of UV rays are at a maximum.

Avoid working in areas where the rays of the sun reflect on you. These reflective surfaces include water, painted windows and even mirrors

When going to high altitudes, be aware that one can burn much faster on mountains when compared to sea level

Tanning booths: Sun lamps and tanning booths are even worse than exposure to sun. These tanning booths can cause severe photo aging of the skin with premature formation of wrinkles

If the sun can not be avoided, one should always wear sun screens.

All adults who are exposed to the sun should wear a sun screen, even if the exposure is only of a short duration

The sunscreen is most effective when applied 30 minis prior to going out in the sun. The sunscreen can then be applied every 2-3 hrs

If one has a shower or a swim, the sunscreen should be re applied

Today there are waterproof sunscreens available. Even though slightly more expensive, they last for at least 40-60 minutes in water

One should remember that there are many creams, lotions and insect repellants which decrease the effectiveness of sun screens. Thus one should liberally apply sun screens when the two are combined

Protective Clothing: Wearing protective clothing is essential if one is going to avoid the UV rays. Wide brim hats and long sleeve clothes are essential in protecting the hands, neck and face. Garments which are tightly knit and allow no sunshine through are most effective

Chemical Tanners: Today, there are some tanning lotions that contain ingredients like dihydroxyacetone. It is believed that this chemical may have the capacity to filter out the UV rays of the sun

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