Skin Resurfacing Facts

Skin Resurfacing may be an expensive undertaking and may require some downtime from work, but it does have a few benefits which include:

- the majority of individuals who undergo the procedure are satisfied

- deeper skin resurfacing techniques last longer than the superficial techniques

- in many cases, higher concentration chemical peels will last a long time

- Chemical peels help restore wrinkled, scarred, or blemished facial skin. Chemical peels strip off the top layers of skin, and new, younger-looking skin grows back. The procedure is very effective for the upper lip. Chemical Peels should never be applied around the eyes. Partial peels are often combined with a face-lift.

- the laser is perhaps most effective at skin tightening around the lower eyelids

- phenol is an excellent chemical peel to erase the line at the corner of the mouth

- infections can occur after any skin resurfacing technique but are rare

- Redness and swelling of the skin is most common with the higher strength chemical peels

- New skin generally occurs after a period of 7-10 days in most cases

- The skin may remain pink for about a month in some cases

- Some individuals may require a second skin resurfacing with a lighter chemical peel to correct the minor skin flaws or discolorations which are still remaining.

- With age , wrinkles will again reappear

- There is no technique which can permanently erase wrinkles

- In the rare individual, an outbreaks of herpes infection is not unheard of after skin resurfacing

- In some individuals who undergo deep peels, thickened scars can occur and are difficult to get rid off

- Keloids may occur in dark skinned individuals and are unpredictable

- Laser, dermabrasion and chemical peels can all cause skin discoloration or patches of blotchiness

- After any skin resurfacing procedure, it is highly recommended that the individual keep away from the sun for at least 2-3 months

- A sunscreen is highly recommended if you decide to venture out in the sun

- Superficial skin resurfacing techniques may require less downtime, cost less and may be done in a short time. However, the results also do not last a long time and frequent treatments are required, which can end up being more costly in the long run

- High concentration peels should only be done under the supervision of a physician

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