Skin tightening with GentleLase

Most people have been searching for non-surgical alternatives to face lift, tummy tuck and skin tightening techniques as well as all cosmetic surgery procedures. Well thanks to the GentleLase laser you can now defy age without having surgery.

A non-surgical facelift that works on all skin types, this process involves the application of radio frequency energy to your face, the energy strategically heats collaged, which tightens your skin. The collagen in your face reacts to the heat by firming and tightening.

Other Conditions that can be treated with GentleLase

• Hair Removal

• Facial & leg veins

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Skin rejuvenation

• Vascular lesions

• Softening acne scars

• Creases around the nose and mouth

• Sagging skin under the jaw line and chin

• Lifting eyebrows

The Procedure

The procedure is relatively simple, you will be given a mild sedative, a grid is placed over the area that will be treated and your surgeon will guide the laser tip over the area which will deliver a combination of cooling and radio frequency. The entire procedure, including prep time, takes around 2 hours. Minor redness and swelling is common after the procedure, but is should be gone in a few days.

You should be able to see the results within a few months and they last for several years. You may need a second treatment 6 months after the first to enhance the affect. But just imaging have smooth, hair free skin without shaving, waxing, plucking or bleaching your unwanted hair. There are no creams or gels, no pre-treatment waxing, and no needles.

For further information about GentleLase options, contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area. An experienced surgeon can help you explore all of your options and determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure that interests you.

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