Spray Tanning

A growing number of Americans want the bronze look. The brown look is said to make one look beautiful, healthy, sexy, confident and much younger. Ever since the taboo about suntans obtained from solariums, spray tanning is fast catching on. Spray tanning is not only limited to the females, but males are increasingly using spray tans for both professional and personal uses.

Spray tans are widely used by individuals all over America and sales of these products are at an all time high.

Applying a spray tan is common when going on vacations and important functions- where one wants to look "great"

Fake spray tans usually last anywhere from a few days to a week at most.

Individuals of all ages are into the spray tan mania.

Spray tanning can be expensive when done in a spa or at a salon. The cost may vary anywhere from $ 40-75. Home use of spray tans can vary anywhere from $ 10-20.

Applying a spray tan is not complex and is usually accomplished in a matter of minutes. To avoid the tan from getting on to the nails, hair or eyes, one may have to apply blocking solution or Vaseline on the area.

In most salons spray tans are applied with a small aerosol chamber or a hair brush.

Airbrush tanning is also called spray tanning. Airbrush tanning is like applying makeup to your skin. It applies color that can be washed away after a few times in the shower. Airbrush tanning is readily available at most salons. The most common use of airbrush tanning is for social events and one has to realize that is it not a long term remedy.

Some individuals get the entire body spread and others wear a swim suit and get the rest of the body sprayed.

The active ingredient in most spray-ons is dihydroxyacetone. This chemical has the ability to react with the outer skin cells and color them brown

Spray on tans are harmless and do not provide any protection from the UV rays of the sun and thus sunscreens are highly recommended

In some individuals, the spray tan is not even and forms blotches or streaks. To prevent streaking, one has to follow directions on the back of the self tanning lotion bottle.

Many self tanning bottles contain specific steps to prevent streaking. Some bottles of self tanning lotion demonstrate a color picture so that you can see exactly how much you have applied or need to apply. This helps prevent streaking during the application

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