Telangiectasias are simply very fine collection of small blood vessels on the body. These fine blood vessels usually occur in blotches on the face, legs, arms, neck or chest. When these fine vessels get large, they become prominent and appear unsightly.

Almost everyone has some degree of telangiectasias on their body. Some individuals have just one collection of these blotchy veins but others may have numerous patches.

Why telangiectasias occur is not well understood. However, these skin lesions are more common when the:

- individuals has had prolonged exposure to the sun over a long time

- individual has Rosacea

- individual is on the birth control pill

- individual has used a large amount of topical corticosteroids for a long time

- individual is pregnant

Triggers which make the fine vessels more obvious include:

- vigorous exercise

- hot spicy foods

- hot drinks

- alcohol

- hot tubs, saunas

Despite their unattractive appearance, telangiectasias are harmless and cause no symptoms. Anyone who complains of symptoms most likely has another disorder.

Because the telangiectasias cause no symptoms, treatment is only for cosmetic reasons.

Today there are several ways to treat telangiectasias.

- camouflage with make up is the cheapest and least painful way to erase the blood vessels

- Lasers: there are many types of lasers which can be used to treat telangiectasias; there is no difference which laser is used.

- Intense pulse light. This method is similar to laser and best for the very superficial veins

- Electrodessication: this technique involves the application of heat. It is painful and does require a local anesthetic

- sclerotherapy

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