Upper Arm Acne

Upper arm acne is just as common as facial acne. Many individuals have upper arm acne but do not initially notice it. The major difference between face and arm acne is that the latter is easily concealed relatively more easily with your sleeves or jumpers.

Arm acne occurs at the same time as facial acne and affects adolescents or some times it can affect individuals much in later life. In general, more men than women have arm acne

The treatment of arm acne is no different from the treatment of facial acne. Like the facial acne, the same non prescription and prescription medications can be used to treat the acne. Initially one may want to try over the counter drugs to treat the arm acne if the acne fails to respond or appears to be getting worse, one may then try the prescription medications.

The arm acne is usually worsened by wearing tight constrictive clothing, excessive sweating and wearing damp clothes after exercise.

The treatment of arm acne should start off with good skin hygiene. One should shower frequently and wash off the sweat. Wearing loose fitting clothes is essential. The good thing about arm acne is that unlike the face, it can be concealed by clothing.

As the acne is on your arms, then you need to change your clothing frequently after heavy exercise. One should try and keep the arms clean and change clothes more often.

Excessive scrubbing off the skin is not recommended as this only worsens the skin rash.

For those with long hair which fall on the shoulders or upper arm, one should try and keep the hair short and tidy. Clean and short hair is an essential component in the treatment of arm and neck acne.

For the mild arm acne, one has multiple choices ranging from topical ointments and antibiotics. For those who seek alternative treatment, there are various types of Chinese and herbal products- most of which are unproven at treating acne.

If the acne is severe, a visit to the dermatologist is highly recommended who may prescribe a vitamin a derived products

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