Wrinkle Fillers

There are many injectable substances available today to treat wrinkles. These dermal or soft tissue fillers can be used to treat

- deep wrinkles

- depression under the eyes

- lip enhancements

- Acne scars.

There is no perfect or ideal dermal filler. The majority of the natural body fillers are temporary. The permanent fillers made from synthetic substances are permanent but have been associated with allergic reactions, pain and hardening of the substance

Fat injection: Fat tissue is usually obtained from the patients' own thigh or abdomen. The fat is then injected into the target wrinkles with a fine needle. Fat has been used to treat deep wrinkles around the nose, forehead and fold in the hands. The main advantage of fat is that it does not have the potential to cause any allergic reaction. However, the disadvantage of fat is that it is eventually absorbed the by the body and hence multiple injections are required in the future.

Collagen implants: Collagen is a natural body protein and vital for maintaining the integrity of skin, bones and soft tissues. Collagen from cow is widely used to treat wrinkles and lines. Collagen and collagen related products are now widely available for use as dermal fillers in the treatment of numerous skin disorders. The disadvantages of collagen are that the results are temporary lasting anywhere from 3-9 months and thus repeat injections are required.

In some rare cases, allergic reactions can occur. Collagen and collagen based products are not for use in children, pregnant females and those who are breast feeding.

Permanent implants: In the last decade, a whole host of permanent implants have been developed as dermal filler. These implants are inserted by making small skin incisions along the corners of the mouth. They are widely used to augment lips, treat hollowed cheeks and reverse deep wrinkles. These materials do not degrade and allergic reactions are rare. The most common complication from these implants are hardening of the chemical and possible scarring.

Artecoll. Is a recent dermal filler which is highly porous and derived from synthetic material. The material has been used to treat deep wrinkles and augment lips. It lasts longer than the collagen based products. Repeat injections are necessary with this chemical.

Hyaluronic derived chemicals

Both HylaForm and Restylane are widely used to treat a number of facial skin disorders. The hyaluronic acid is soft and has a consistency of jelly. It provides a soft and delicate contour to the face. Allergic reactions have rarely been reported with this chemical. It does however, last longer than collagen.

The best dermal filler to treat wrinkles depends on your age, your skin condition and physician preferences.

There is no ideal dermal filler. All of them have some pros and cons.

If you want a dermal filler for your wrinkles and lines, the best advice is obtained from a cosmetic physician who is both experienced and knowledgeable with the use of these products.

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