Accent Laser Treatment

In the last decade numerous types of laser devices have been used to treat skin disorders and improve skin rejuvenation. Now we have the Accent laser which is claimed to treat cellulite.

The Accent laser generates radiofrequency waves that penetrate the lower layers of the skin and generate heat. The heat generated with the radiofrequency waves then breaks up the fat particles.

The Accent laser device also contains two different hand pieces- one which is used for the deeper layers and one to treat the superficial skin imperfections.

Before the treatment is started, a lubricant gel is applied on to the skin which allows for the device to move easily across the skin surface.

The device is not held at any one place for too long to prevent burn or heat injury.

When the Accent laser is fired into the deeper skin tissues, one may feel a stinging like sensation. Other may feel a warm sensation that may last for a few hours after the treatment.

The radiofrequency waves penetrate the deeper skin layers and act on the fat pockets ad cellulite.

When the laser is fired into the deeper layers, it breaks up the fat particles and tightens up the collagen particles. This leads to the creation of a newer, softer, smoother and flat looking skin appearance.

The broken up fat particles are then gradually removed by the body's lymphatic system.

The treatment with the Accent laser is relatively painless. Most individuals develop some degree of redness on the skin after the procedure.

The Accent laser has been widely used in Europe in the treatment of cellulite. Despite a few anecdotal reports of weight loss, this is certainly not from the laser. There is no laser available today which can cause weight loss.

The Accent laser can be used in the treatment of cellulite in various parts of the body including:

- thighs

- buttocks

- hips

- calves

- neck

- Abdomen.

Accent treatments are usually given 4-6 times over a period of 12 -16 weeks. The treatment is done as an outpatient in the physician's office. The treatment is quick and has little downtime. Depending on the area to be treated, the average times of the treatment may vary from 10-60 minutes.

Accent laser treatment for cellulite is done by numerous health care professionals including nurses and physicians.

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