Affirm Laser Facts

Over the last few years, numerous lasers have developed for use in the cosmetic industry. One such novel laser is Affirm.

For the last few years Affirm laser has been used to treat a variety of skin conditions including:

- skin rejuvenation

- facial lines and wrinkles

- skin discolorations

- acne rosacea

- acne scars

- sun spots

- aging spots

Affirm utilizes the fractional technology and thus avoid the major complications associated with the previous lasers.

Affirm laser therapy is being done by numerous health care professionals but there are a number of other non health care individuals in spas and parlors who also administer this treatment. To avoid any complications, it is best to seek a reputable physician who has experience with laser treatments.

The most common side effects after Affirm laser are:

- mild to moderate redness

- mild swelling

- mild bruising

These minor side effects usually dissipate over the next few days. One can go out after therapy by applying some camouflage creams.

The cost of Affirm is variable and depends on the area being treated. One has to remember that it is not a permanent cure for skin rejuvenation and 1-2 repeat session may be required each year.

The average cost of Affirm laser treatments may range anywhere from $ 300-500. Package deals for 4-6 session are available and may cost anywhere from $2000-3000.

Like everything else in cosmetic surgery, there is no guarantee that the procedure will work for everyone and there is no money back. And to top that, the risk of complications is always present.

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