Affirm Laser Therapy

Affirm is a newly developed laser treatment for skin rejuvenation. The Affirm laser has been used to treat:

- skin lines

- wrinkles

- skin discoloration

- scars

- skin imperfections

- acne blemishes

- sun damaged skin

- irregular contours on the skin

- reduce stretch marks

After the Affirm treatment, the skin appears younger, softer and smoother looking. It is claimed by the Affirm vendors that the biggest benefit of Affirm Laser is a younger looking skin.

The Affirm laser is an outpatient procedure performed in a physician's office. The hand held laser generates a light beam which penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. The procedure is not very painful, quick and has little downtime.

The laser acts by tightening up the collagen bundles in the deeper layers of the skin by causing coiling. This remodeling of collagen results in tightening of the surface skin.

Unlike the older laser treatments for skin rejuvenation, Affirm utilizes a fractional approach. At each session only about 10-20% of the skin is treated with high energy beam and the rest of the skin is treated with a very low energy beam.

This fractional approach has been associated with:

- less downtime

- less side effects

- less pain during the procedure

- faster results

- gentler treatment

Like most treatments in plastic surgery, Affirm requires a number of sessions for the maximal benefit. The majority of individuals require anywhere from 4-6 treatment with each treatment spaced over a 3 week period.

The laser does sting when fired. The degree of pain varies from mild to moderate.

The present days lasers also have a cooling tip which prevents the pain. Further, for those who can not tolerate any pain, the physician can apply a topical anesthetic on the skin area 20 mins before the procedure.

Each Affirm session lasts 20-30 minutes.

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