Is LipoDissolve For Everyone?

LipoDissolve is being performed by a variety of health care professionals. Even though it is a minor procedure, side effects and complications can occur. To prevent any unnecessary complications, it is best to have the injections performed by a physician.

Even though LipoDissolve is supposed to be injected into the fat pockets, incidental injections into the skin and muscles layers do occur. However, this is inconsequential and of minor significance.

Once LipoDissolve has been injected, the fat pockets gradually break up, are removed by the lymphatics and the body's scavenging system. This clean up process may take several weeks. As the fat is removed, the treated site becomes flat, compact and smooth.

Despite all the advertisements and media blitz, LipoDissolve is not a miracle cure for fat or cellulite. Not all individuals respond to it and the even in those who do respond, the results are variable. It is impossible to predict who will respond to LipoDissolve.

In those individuals who respond, the loss of fat may range anywhere from 2-6 cms. The greatest amount of fat loss usually occurs from the waist, abdomen and buttock areas. Fat loss hardly ever occurs in other part of the body

LipoDissolve is not a permanent cure for fat pockets. All individuals should have a realistic expectation. At best, a few pockets of fat will disappear. It is of vital importance to drink fluids, eat a healthy diet and regularly exercise to compliment the effects of LipoDissolve. If these life style changes are not undertaken, the fat pockets will come back

Like most procedures in cosmetic surgery, no treatment is ever complete with a single session. Similarly with LipoDissolve, most individuals require multiple sessions to rid of the fat deposits. The average number of sessions range anywhere from 2-4. For those who do not respond to 2 sessions, no further treatment sessions should be undertaken.

Each session of LipoDissolve lasts anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Each session is spaced at least 4-6 weeks in between the injections. This time period allows for the full effects of LipoDissolve.

The most important point to understand for all individuals is that LipoDissolve is strictly a cosmetic and an elective procedure. The procedure should be done in a relaxed atmosphere and without any undue pressure from the health care professional.

One should always seek a second opinion if the health care professional urges you to have the procedure right away.

LipoDissolve is not an instant cure for fat. Most individuals will see results after 2-4 months. When only small areas are treated the results may appear after several weeks. A loss of 2-3 cms may require several sessions and a few months to achieve the cosmetic benefit.

And some individuals will show no response.

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