Placement Of Breast Implants

For all individuals who want breast implants, the big question is whether to place the implant behind the chest muscles or infront of the muscles. This decision is usually made after a thorough discussion and physical examination by your surgeon.

Having a breast implant placed behind the chest muscles is known as submuscular.

Having a breast implant infront of the chest muscles is known as subglandular

It is difficult for the individual to make the decision of where the implant should be placed. Thus, it is important to select a surgeon who has experience dealing with breast implants. The final result is always in the hands of the surgeon.

Advantages of having a breast implant behind the chest muscles (submuscular)

- the scar contracture rate is lower. The capsular hardening is much less when the implant is placed behind the chest muscles

- the implants feel more natural and the contour is firm

- is preferable when an individual has a history of capsular contraction

- patients who are thin benefit from submuscular implants

- patient may want it

Advantages of having a breast implant subglandular (infront of the chest muscles)

- because the normal breast is also in front of the chest muscles, the implant will appear similar in nature

- gives a natural appearance

- the surgery has a low complication rate

- there is a low incidence of repeat surgery

- implants placed infront of the chest muscles mimic a normal breast. All the natural body movements also approximate the movements of the chest

- a subglandular placement truly enlarges the breast size, whereas a submuscular implant simply increases the size of chest wall

- the surgery is a lot easier and can be done with less immediate complications

- the recovery is short and rapid

- there is much less distortion of the breast

- Less abnormal movements of the breast

Disadvantages of subglandular breast implants

- In thin patients, there is increased visibility of the implant

- in some individuals, rippling is more obvious

- there is an increased incidence of capsular contraction

- More difficult to perform mammogram

What are the biggest disadvantages of submuscular implants

- more difficult operation

- the breast/chest shape can change when the individual is stretching or performing exercise

- in some women who perform exercises using the chest muscles (body builders), the implant can be pushed out of position

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