Pros and Cons About VelaShape

Compared to other methods of reducing cellulite, the benefits of VelaShape include:

- no downtime

- few or no side effects

- no complications

- rapid results

- no pain

The disadvantages of VelaShape include:

- it does not work for everyone

- it is difficult to predict who will respond to the treatment

- it is only a temporary solution to treating cellulite

- maintenance therapy is required every 1-2 months

- it is expensive

After the initial consultation, most individuals undergo 4-6 treatment sessions spaced one to 2 weeks apart.

VelaShape device consists of a hand held application. The large application may be used to treat the buttocks, thighs and abdomen and the small application is used to treat the smaller areas of the body. The hand held probe has a set of rollers and a vacuum attached to it. At the end of the probe is the light energy device. While the light energy is generated, the tissue is massaged with the roller and suctioned at the same time.

Because VelaShape therapy is only a temporary solution to treating cellulite, maintenance treatments on a monthly basis are recommended.

As to how VelaShape works is still not well understood but one hypothesis is that that the heat energy generated by the radiofrequency waves breaks down the fat cells. This results in shrinkage of the fat cells and release of the cellulite. The additional mechanical compression and suction by the rollers further manipulates the fat cells and results in fatty tissue breakdown. The cellulite is then transported by the tissue lymphatics. Over time the circumference of the tissue shrinks resulting in a tighter and smoother looking body surface.

VelaShape treatment is not for everyone. One has to have realistic expectation of the treatment. Not everyone benefits and the results are variable and unpredictable. Despite what is claimed by the vendors of this therapy, there are countless reports of many individuals who have had no response to VelaShape.

VelaShape alone is the not the key to treating cellulite. One must incorporate lifestyle changes to augment VelaShape treatment. A change in diet, adequate fluid intake and resumption of regular exercise is highly recommended

Anytime you are told that the cost of the treatment with VelaShape is dependent on the area and complexity of your body, the cost is never cheap. If the cost of VelaShape is not listed on the webpage of the provider, beware that it is definitely expensive.

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