Causes of Acne

We do know that acne is more common in families with a history of the skin disorder, but the actual gene responsible has not been identified. Other risk factors for acne include:

- Stress, whether physical or emotional, does not cause acne but can

definitely worsen the condition.

- Certain oil based cosmetics are also known to cause acne.

- There are certain foods which can cause acne and these include:


Certain spices and hot foods

- Pregnant women are at a slightly higher risk for acne

- Acne is more common in individuals who use cortisone products

Acne is always worse in males and has been linked to the male hormone, testosterone. This hormones is present in both males and females, but in a much higher concentration in males. Testosterone is known to increase the size of sweat glands and also increase the product of skin oils (sebum). The increased oil secretion is a major factor in the plugging up of the skin pores and causing acne.

Many teenagers develop acne soon after puberty and this is believed to be related to the surge of the male hormone, testosterone. Once the surge of testosterone subsides, the acne resolves in most males. Acne is a very common feature in men who consume anabolic steroids for body building purposes.

Estrogen, the female sex hormone, on the other hand counteracts the effects of testosterone and can improve the acne. This is a reason why most young females have a pristine face, especially during the menstrual cycle. This also explains why women who take the birth control pill almost never develop acne. In fact, there are some physicians who do prescribe a short term course of birth control pills for recalcitrant acne

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