Causes of Wrinkling

Wrinkling is a normal part of aging and everyone develops wrinkles at some point in their lives. The basic cause of wrinkles is the loss of elasticity and tone in the lower layers of the skin. In youth these structures have excellent tone and elasticity but with age, the support tissues start to loosen and eventually cause sagging of the skin and wrinkling.

However, in some individuals the aging process can be hastened by a number of factors and thus wrinkles appear much sooner than expected.

The major cause of wrinkles are:

Aging: This is a universal risk factor for all individuals. As one ages, the tissues become lax, the elasticity in the skin is lost and the subcutaneous tissue loses its tone. This is followed by sagging and very fragile skin. In addition, as we age the fat content of the tissues decreases and the skin tone declines which leads to wrinkles. Numerous other factors also contribute to aging and wrinkling. The less ability to retain moisture and poor functioning of the oil glands all contribute towards wrinkling of the skin Wrinkling starts to become more pronounced around the face, neck, arms and abdomen

Sun light exposure: For those who develop wrinkles at a younger age, sun exposure is most likely the culprit. Premature aging due to sun exposure is called Photo aging. Excess exposure to the harmful UV rays of sun can create havoc on the skin tissues. The UV rays have the ability to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and decrease the elasticity of the supporting tissues, thus resulting in premature aging and wrinkles. The powerful UV rays damage the necessary enzymes and structures which are important in maintaining skin tension and elasticity. The sun may give a tan, but in the near future, the skin will lose its elasticity. Individuals who have been exposed to sun in their youth usually develop wrinkles in the 40s.

Smoking: Another common risk factor for aging and wrinkling is smoking. Most smokers look decades older when compared to age related non smokers. Smoking contains numerous chemical which are harmful not only to the lung but also the skin. In addition, smokers have a very typical facial expression and the constant inhaling and exhaling leads to development of wrinkles. By the age of 40, most smokers appear to show signs of wrinkles all over the face. These wrinkles become pronounced by age 50 and are irreversible.

Repeated facial expressions: There are some individuals who have repeated facial expressions. Those individuals who repeatedly frown or grimace constantly use their facial muscles. These facial expressions such as frown likes and crows feet eventually become a permanent part of the face.

Wrinkles are not harmful and have no health hazard. The only problem is cosmetic.

For those who are very aesthetically oriented, there are numerous methods to correct wrinkles. Before undergoing any therapy for wrinkles, remember- all the methods to erase the wrinkles are only a temporary solution

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