Chest Acne

Chest acne is not unusual and is commonly seen in young males. Most individuals who have chest acne also have back and upper arm acne. The face may be clear in the majority of these individuals. The chest acne is always more common around the hairy areas. Unlike the face, the acne pimples are slightly larger in size. Most individual notice that the acne is more common during hot weather and during periods of excessive sweating.

Chest acne is more common in males than females and in those who are obese. The acne on the chest is almost always covered by hair. The combination of an oily skin and excess hair is one reason for the acne to develop on the chest.

When the acne is bothersome and unsightly, there are some treatment avenues;

If one has chest acne, the best prevention is to wear losing fitting clothes and avoid any extra irritant like perfumes or cosmetics

One should always use mild soaps without any fragrances to wash the oily skin. Washing and rinsing should be a gentle process. Excessive scrubbing only irritates the skin

Do not squeeze the pimples. Rupturing of these pimples with tweezers or fingers only leads to ugly scars.

Shower often and Change clothes frequently if you sweat a lot. Avoid heat and sleep in a cool room

Topical acids: One can buy benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid and apply on the acne. These agents do not always work but are cheap and may reduce the flare ups.

Medication: There are numerous prescription medications one can use, ranging from Retinoids, oral antibiotics like doxycycline and Azelaic acid

If the acne still persists, one should see a dermatologist.

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