Eczema Causes

The cause of eczema is not known but there are many conditions which can trigger it. Some types of eczema such as atopic dermatitis are linked to a hypersensitive immune system, such as production of excess antibodies which play a role in the generation of an allergic reaction.

Some individuals with eczema may have hay fever and asthma. Eczema is hereditary to some degree but not contagious. For the majority of cases, the exact pathology is not well understood.

The common causes of eczema include:

- Soaps, detergents

- Extremes of temperature (cold or hot)

- Environmental pollutants, smog

- Heavy metals (nickel, gold)

- Jewellery (silver, gold)

- Cosmetics- lotions powders, ointments, creams

- Food (MSG, food dyes)

- Cloth fabrics

- Gloves esp. those with latex

- Chemicals (paints, oils)

- Dust mites

- Pollen, hay, danders

- Viral infections

Eczema Symptoms

The typical features of eczema include:

- mild to moderate itch is very common

- skin rash which may be localized or generalized

- scaly rash

- flaky skin

- red inflamed skin

- burning sensation on the skin

- excoriations (scratch marks on the rash)

- some bumps on the skin from scratch

- fissuring or cracking of the skin from excessive dryness

- inability to sleep from the severe itching

- in prolonged cases of eczema, skin may appear leathery and thick

- Raw skin from scratching

- Blisters which may be oozing and crusting

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