Eczema Skin Symptoms

The symptoms of eczema are varied and not all individuals present with the full spectrum of the disorder. The classic features of eczema include:

- Dry skin with flakes, this feature is very common on the arms and the neck

- Intensely itchy skin, the itch can be severe enough to prevent sleep

- Some individuals may also have large red patches of eczema; others may have only minute areas affected

- scratch mark (excoriations). The tendency to scratch always leads to marks on the body

- seeping of fluids from the rash area

- Leathery skin usually develops when the eczema is prolonged

- Skin cracks often occur in individuals with long standing eczema

- Blisters on the skin are usually from the trauma produced from the scratching.

Eczema may occur on any part of the body but frequently does have characteristic presentations in the adult and child.

In children eczema occurs on:

- Forehead

- Scalp

- Legs, esp. upper thigh

- Neck

In adults eczema typically occurs on:

- Face

- Neck

- Inside of elbows

- On the Knees, usually on the back side

- Ankles

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