Laser Hair Removal Costs

Almost anyone who wants hair removal with laser always wants to know the cost first. The cost of laser hair removal is variable across the country but below are listed the average prices. The prices shown may vary depending on the physician and the State.

The prices are generally based from which part of the body the hair is removed and per session.





Face cost ($)Time (mins)
 Upper lip75-10015
 Front of neck75-10020
 Lower half of face200-30030
 Full face200-50045
 Entire front and neck200-40060
 Back of neck200-40060
Upper Body   
 Between breast50-10015
 Chest and Abdomen400-60060
 Complete torso500-100060
Lower Abdomen   
 Bikini line100-20020
Touch up 50-100 

Is laser hair reduction covered by insurance?

No, laser hair removal is not covered by insurance companies.

For those with medical conditions that cause excess hair growth (hirsutism, drug-related hypertrichosis) partial coverage may be obtained from medical insurance. Some laser spas charge extra for any paper work related to completion of forms for medical insurance.


Multiple sessions are requires for most people. On average some require between 4-6 sessions

Almost every one who provides laser therapy for hair removal provides discounts when more sessions are undertaken. Some even give out coupons or gift certificates which can only be redeemed at one particular place

Please note that prices are subject to change

Most of the businesses accept credit cards


In general, the cost for each session for hair removal can range anywhere from $100 to $1000. The more areas treated, the more it costs

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