Prevention of Eczema

The best way to treat eczema it to try and prevent it. Prevention may require some effort but it is worth it. The preventive measures for eczema include:

Avoid stress: Anxiety, agitation, depression and any type of psychological stress can trigger episodes or worsen the existing eczema. Try and involve in behavior therapy or other supportive therapy to ease the everyday tensions in your life.

Diet: Avoid foods that may flare up the eczema. Foods which are notorious for triggering eczema are peanuts, eggs, fish and soy. Keep a diary of the foods which aggravate your eczema and avoid them. Learn to read labels so as to avoid buying these food products. One does not need to see a dietician- all it needs is a bit of common sense and effort

Cosmetics: Avoid the use of any cosmetic, cream, powder or lotion which irritates your skin. Make a note of everything you use and avoid them. If your skin is dry, baby oil is probably the best moisturizer that you can get. Buying moisturizers which are expensive may smell nice, but they also contain many more ingredients which may further irritate your skin

Detergent and soaps: Do not continue to change your detergents or soap. Stick to one soap and determine if it easy on your skin

: Do not take very hot showers. This tends to dry the skin and worsen the itching. After showering, apply a moisturizing cream. Avoid all creams and lotions with strong fragrances and smells.

Clothing: Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing. Do not wear tight constricting clothing. This only makes the itch and rash worse. Try and sleep in a cool room.

Scratch: Do not scratch the rash because the skin can tear and get infected. At night wear soft mittens to avoid traumatizing the skin from excessive scratching. Keep your fingernails short to avoid damaging the skin from excessive scratching

Exercise: Sweating and hot weather can make itching worse. So avoid heavy exercise and if you sweat, have a few showers and feel clean. Change your clothes often.

Household pets are a common cause of worsening eczema. Dust mites, animal hair and dander play a major role in atopic dermatitis. If you are a pet lover and have chronic eczema, you may have to get rid of your pet.

Avoid all areas where there certain chemicals such as chlorine, solvents (including mineral oil), cigarette smoke, dust, and sand are common. Smog can worsen eczema.

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