Proactiv and Acne

There are 100s of products sold online with claims of treating everything under the sun and even acne. The products make exorbitant claims and the majority of the vendors are cosmetic companies, spas, beauticians and sometimes even physicians.

The majority of these cosmetic products have no aesthetic value. The cosmetic industry is immense and the market for exotic products is high. The majority of these cosmetic products have never been investigated in any scientific studies, nor have their side effects been evaluated. Every single day, newer products with fancy fragrances are sold in attractive glass containers ? almost all of them have exciting names.

Now we have Proactiv. The vendors claim that it is the best treatment of acne. It acts like a chemical peel and softens the skin and removes acne scars. Further claims include that the ingredients inside Proactive clean the pores, stop the itching, kill the bacteria and also hydrate the skin.

The chemical inside Proactiv is benzyl peroxide.

The product is sold without a prescription. A single bottle is sold for $ 28 and two bottles are sold for $ 27, six bottles are sold for $ 22. They do not mention what it would cost to buy 50 bottles?

The question is why pay 2-3 times for a bottle of benzyl peroxide called Proactiv when the original chemical can be bought for $ 5 in any store in America. Benzyl peroxide online costs anywhere from $5-12 (higher costs when it is mixed with green tea). Could not tell from the site if the product containing green tea was meant to be taken orally or applied on the skin.

Final Word

If you have acne, then the best advice is to go and see a reputable dermatologist. Not only will you be given the right treatment but results will be far superior than anything that is on the cosmetic market.

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