Propecia and acne

Propecia is a drug which was developed to treat mild to moderate loss of hair in males (male pattern baldness). The drug is useless if one is bald. The drug works in only a few individuals and the results of hair growth are mediocre at best. The drug can be taken as a pill daily forever.

Clinical trials have shown that the drug is generally safe but does have a few side effects which include:

- decreased desire for sex

- difficulty achieving an erection

- breast tenderness and/or enlargement

- testicular pain

These side effects occur in about 2% of males and reverse when the drug is stopped.

Propecia is also associated with a number of skin side effects which include:

- skin rash, acne

- itching

- hives

- swelling of the lips and face

Propecia has been widely prescribed in North America and the skin side effects are a very rare occurrence. The actual numbers are not known because not all individuals report the side effects. However, the skin side effects have been known to resolve when the Propecia is stopped. This may take a few months. In any case, it is recommended that one see a dermatologist to get the best advice and treatment if the skin problem still persists.

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