Pubic Hair Removal Waxing

Next to shaving, waxing is a common method of removing hair from the pubis. The principle of waxing is to apply warm wax to the pubis and allow it to enter the hair follicles. When the wax is pulled, the hair is pulled out from the root. This temporary method of hair removal lasts anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

How to wax

Before one uses a home wax kit, it is first necessary to do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to the product. If after 24 hours, you have no untoward reaction, you may proceed. Most wax kits have instructions on how to perform waxing. Waxing is best done for short pubic hair. If you have long hair, you will need to trim them so that they just are about 2-3 mm in length. Waxing is most effective on dry skin, so do not shower or wet the hair prior to the procedure. In simple, the warm wax is applied to the skin and then gently pressed on with a paper or a cloth. The wax is then removed in one quick motion against the direction of hair growth. After the wax has been removed, most kits have a cream or ointment that can be applied to the skin. The oil soothes the skin and makes the texture feel smooth. Because waxing is uncomfortable and associated with pain, it is recommended that one take an over-the-counter pain pill just a few hours prior to the procedure.

In the last decade, Brazilian bikini wax has come into vogue. This type of wax is essentially the same as all routine waxes but is more effective at removing hair. It is highly recommended that Brazilian wax be performed by a professional. It is not only more expensive, it is also more painful.

To avoid pain and irritation after waxing, one should wear loose fitting clothes for the next 24-48 hours.

Who should not under go waxing?

There are no absolute rules on who should not undergo waxing. But it is recommended that the following individuals avoid waxing.

Diabetics: These individuals are more prone to infections

Acne: Individuals who are taking Retinoids for their acne are more sensitive to waxing.

Those with broken skin, moles, or infections around the pubis should wait until the skin condition is cleared.


- Waxing can be done at home

- It is less expensive than laser

- The hairless period is longer lasting than shaving

- Home wax kits are not expensive.

- Waxing produces a more effective and smoother result than shaving


- The wax may not work well and the hair may break just above the skin surface

- Waxing can be a messy affair

- It takes time to have a consistent result and many a times, women have

To add shaving to completely remove the residual hair

- It is moderately painful

- Rarely, the skin can tear and result in an infection


Home use wax kits cost anywhere from $ 25-75. Professionally done waxing costs are variable and range from $ 30-200.

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