Pyoderma Faciale/Nodulocystic Acne

Nodulocystic acne almost always occurs on the face and is the one acne that is most common in females than males. The acne occurs between the 2nd and 4th decade of life.

It usually begins suddenly and can create social havoc in an individuals lifestyle.

The nodulocystic acne presents with very large cystic lesions which are obvious to everyone.

The acne is very unattractive and unpleasing. Women, unfortunately try to cover it up with cosmetics, which make the acne even worse.

This type of acne is more common on the chest, face and back. The cystic lesions are often surrounded by intense inflamed skin.

The best treatment for this acne is to wash the area affected twice a day and keep the oils off the face. Most of the cysts contain fluid which at times contains pus. Occasionally antibiotics may work.

The use of Accutane in females is associated with controversy and thus many physicians are reluctant to prescribe it.

Most individuals require treatment for a minimal for 4-6 months and additional therapy is required based on the response.

In some women, hormonal therapy may sometimes be effective.

Other treatments include the injection of corticosteroid in each lesion.

When the cysts are large and contain fluid or pus, surgical drainage may help. Often the entire cyst is removed.

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