Smoothbeam Laser and Acne

A recent addition in the treatment of acne scars is the Smoothbeam laser. This laser generates a beam of light which penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the collagen molecules. It has the ability to induce growth of more collagen particles which eventually results in the filling of the wrinkles and scars.

The Smoothbeam laser is widely used to treat acne scars on the face, chest, arms and the back.

The safety and effectiveness of the Smoothbeam laser in the treatment of acne scars has also led to its use in the treatment of facial lines and wrinkles.

The Smoothbeam laser is patient compliant and easy to use. The advanced laser technology has led to the development of a cooling system at the tip of the laser. This has led to minimal or no pain when the laser is activated. Further the lasers' narrow beam is focused and protects the normal skin from damage.

The Smoothbeam laser is very safe treatment and may be used in individuals of all races, skin types and ethnic groups. Even though the Smoothbeam laser can be used in all ages, it is typically reserved for use in adult men and women.

The Smoothbeam Laser has been most widely used in the treatment of acne and the acne related scarring.

In the majority of cases of acne scarring, the Smoothbeam laser can help improve/erase the scars. In some cases, the treatment can help reduce the intensity of the large scars.

The Smoothbeam laser treatment is done as an outpatient and can be performed by any health care professional with training in the use of lasers.

The Smoothbeam laser is generally regarded as safe but some side effects do occur. The most common side effects include:

- Skin discoloration. In some individuals with fair skin, darkening or hyperpigmentation of the skin can occur. In some dark skinned individuals, lightening or hypopigmentation of the skin can occur. In both cases, the skin discoloration may fade but can be permanent.

- Redness. Mild redness is common after the laser treatment. This usually subsides over the first 24 hours

- Swelling: Mild swelling is also common when large areas of the skin are treated. Application of a cold compress and elevating the head for the first 24 hours generally decreases the swelling

- Scarring is a rare complication of the Smoothbeam laser

Despite all the technical advances in the Smoothbeam laser, the laser is not completely painless. Most individuals claim that a hot sensation is felt when the laser is fired. Some individuals can tolerate this and others can not. For those who are not tolerant of pain, the physician may apply a topical local anesthetic 20-30 minutes prior to the procedure. This usually obviates the pain

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