The Affirm Laser

Affirm is a relatively new non ablative laser therapy to treat aging skin.

It is considered a non ablative treatment for numerous skin disorders, especially sun damaged skin.

The Affirm laser generates micro light energy pulses which penetrate the lower layers of the skin and stimulate collagen production and promote coiling of the molecules. This results in tightening of the skin with a resultant decrease in skin wrinkles and facial lines.

The Affirm laser can be used for the treatment of:

• Surgical Scars

• Wrinkle Reduction

• Acne Scarring

• Pigmented Lesions

• Stretch Marks

• Microthermal Rejuvenation

• keloids

The Affirm laser is also used to treat skin discoloration, sun spots and improve acne scars.

Like all laser treatments for skin rejuvenation, multiple treatment sessions are required for the ideal result. Most individual require 4-6 treatment spaced over 4-6 weeks for the optimum result.

One should be aware that there are a certain number of individuals who show no response to Affirm treatment.

Affirm is only a temporary treatment measure for the aged skin. With aging and exposure to sun, the skin will again revert back to its original condition and more treatment sessions are required in the future to maintain the cosmetic benefit.

Despite what is claimed by the individuals who promote Affirm laser, the treatment is not painless.

The pain is sharp and varies from mild to moderate. For those who are not able to tolerate any pain, the physician may help a local anesthetic 10-20 minutes prior to the procedure

The laser may feel like a rubber band snap but this is usually a transient sensation.

Unlike most pulsed light systems gels are not required. In some cases a topical anesthetic cream is recommended.

Compared to other Laser skin treatments, the results of Affirm are comparable and the treatment is just as expensive.

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