The Palomar Lux Fractional Laser

One of the latest lasers developed in the last few years for fractional resurfacing of the skin is the Palomar Lux. The Palomar Lux is a fractional laser used to reverse the signs of aged skin.

The Palomar Lux is used in the treatment of:

- fine facial lines

- wrinkles

- skin discoloration

- acne scars

- surgical scars

The Palomar laser treatment has little downtime and minimal side effects.

The majority of individuals who undergo treatment with the Palomar Lux laser develop a few minor side effects which include:

- swelling

- bruising

- redness

These side effects last less than 48 hours. Camouflage creams can be worn to hide these minor side effects until the skin recovers. In most cases, the recovery is rapid.

Individuals who have undergone the Palomar Lux laser treatment claim that the skin feels smoother, younger and feels softer.

Palomar Lux laser has minimal downtime and the majority of individuals are able to resume their normal daily activities on the same day

The Palomar Lux laser works by penetrating the skin and its lower layers with a fine beam of light. This light beam of varying intensity initiates a natural healing process and tightens the collagen particles resulting in tighter and smoother looking skin.

The Palomar Lux spares all the surrounding tissue and thus the side effects are minimal.

The Palomar? laser treats only a portion of the targeted skin at a time. The Palomar Lux Fractional laser delivers light in an array of microbeams to the skin. These microbeams penetrate well below the superficial skin layers, sparing the tissue surrounding the beams from damage.

The tissue targeted with these beams undergo a natural healing process that stimulates the formation of new, healthy tissue. This allows for faster healing with visible results in skin color, texture, tone and wrinkles.

Because each Palomar Lux only affects 20-25% of the skin, multiple sessions are required for the complete cosmetic benefit. The fractional treatment of skin allows for fasters kin recovery with less side effects. On average most individuals need 4-6 laser treatment. For those with severe scars, more laser treatments may be required.

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