Smart Lipo as an Alternative to Liposuction

If you are someone who has excessive amounts of fat that you wish to get rid of but don't want to go undergo traditional liposuction, then you will be happy to hear that there is an alternative procedure on the market today that is available to you.  This procedure was created in Europe and has been used significantly in Asia and South America.  Its popularity is quickly spreading across the United States.  Patients have seen significant improvement with this laser liposuction treatment.

Laser liposuction treatment is called Smart Lipo.  In this procedure, a laser is utilized to melt fat in many areas of the body and an added bonus is that the laser will tighten the skin in the area that is being treated. There is no anesthesia necessary.  And fat removal is not necessarily permanent.  If you gain weight, the fat can return, so diet and lifestyle change is important.

Smart Lipo can be performed in your cosmetic surgeon's office, there is no hospital stay required.  Your cosmetic surgeon will mark the areas that are going to be treated and a local anesthesia is placed on that area. A laser pen is aimed towards the skin. The force from the laser causes the fat cells to break up. The body will naturally dispel the broken up fat.  The laser will coagulate the blood capillaries, which in essence minimizes side effects such as swelling and bleeding.  And yes, the laser does tighten the skin as it works.  Treatment takes less than an hour.

There are no significant side effects associated with Smart Lipo. You may experience minimal bruising and swelling, but this dissipates in 1-2 days.  You will be required to wear compression garments following the procedure, but this assists in your recovery that is days versus months as with traditional liposuction.  Pain medication can be used if need be.  Results are typically seen within two months.

This procedure works best on pockets of fat that are in hard to reach areas and that you've had a difficult time getting rid of with exercise and diet. These pockets of fat can be located on any area of your body.  If you have been working out and dieting and just haven't been able to get rid of fat pouches in certain areas, then you would be an ideal candidate for Smart Lipo.

This treatment is not for people who may have certain skin conditions, problems with their kidneys, circulatory disorders, diabetes, liver problems and certain heart conditions.

Pockets of fat can be found on your hips, chin or neck area, the pubic mound, upper arms, thighs and butt areas just to name a few.

Laser liposuction
can treat all of these area, is a relatively painless procedure and you should be able to return to your normal activity level the day after your treatment.  There aren't any stitches or incisions involved with laser liposuction.  Smart Lipo is quick, easy and relatively painless, what a great way to remove those stubborn pockets of fat.

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