The Benefits of SmartLipo

This cosmetic procedure has different benefits than traditional liposuction; nevertheless the ultimate outcome and patient approval for this procedure are gaining momentum.  So let's talk a little bit about laser lipolysis, the benefits that it provides as a liposuction procedure, the results that you can expect and what this liposuction procedure can provide for the new millenium.

Smartlipo or laser lipolysis is a cosmetic procedure where a laser probe is targeted towards the fatty tissue of the body, laser energy is then administered, shattering the fat cells and converting them into an oily substance. This oily substance, for the most part is absorbed by the body.

When cosmetic surgeons first started using this state of the art cosmetic procedure, the oily substance was left inside the body to absorb naturally on its own.  Today, however they are now gently suction the majority of this oily substance out and results are seen much sooner.

A few benefits of Smartlipo over traditional liposuction is an accelerated recovery time, less pain, scarring and bruising and it can be performed under local anesthesia.  And perhaps two of the greatest benefits with this cosmetic treatment include the stimulation of collagen growth from the laser energy as well as the skin tightening application.

This cosmetic procedure is providing great results with more and more people choosing this alternative over traditional liposuction.  A patient receives all of the benefits of traditional liposuction with the many advantages of this new and improved laser liposuction treatment called Smartlipo.

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