Body Contouring and Weight Loss: Is LipoDissolve Right for You?

Unwanted fat on any area of the body can be difficult to remove via exercise and regular dieting but it can be removed with various cosmetic procedures. Some of these procedures have been around for decades and some have only been in service for a handful of years or more. Unwanted fat on the body can be removed from the arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen area and the chin to name a few.

Weight loss surgery has been around for some time and body contouring options, such as LipoDissolve, Smart Lipo, and Vaser Lipo, have become viable options for those wishing to remove pockets of fat and who are not obese.  Weight loss is a tricky concept for many, and there are a great many weight loss and body contouring treatment options currently out there.  How is a patient to decide which treatment works best, which treatment to investigate further, and which suits their personal situation best?

Weight loss surgery is largely meant for obese individuals that are consistently hindered by their weight.  Body contouring tools are to remove excess fat in certain areas.  Procedures such as Bariatric surgery are options for the former and treatments such as LipoDissolve are options for the latter. Body contouring options were developed nearly three decades ago but have mostly been used in Europe.

Most body contouring procedures offer patients removal of localized fatty deposits such as near the hips, thighs, ab areas, back of the arms, and other areas.  Patients may wish to determine what areas they desire to have treated and then discuss this with a particular medical professional to gain a greater understanding.  LipoDissolve usually take less than an hour and can offer considerable results in 1-4 treatments.

Other weight loss surgeries that are more invasive may offer lifetime benefits as they alter the internal structure of the body and thus make dietary consumption easier to manage.  Many patients who suffer from obesity find that weight loss surgery is an alternative to diet and exercise having failed.  For some, exercise is not even considerably possible due to excess body weight, and so weight loss must occur before a health exercise routine can ensue.

During the first appointment with a weight loss surgeon or professional, pictures of the areas involved are taken and marks are made to locate incision locations. Once the doctor examines the entire area he or she will then schedule the first treatment for the patient. One session of LipoDissolve can treat 2-3 large areas of fat but the more injections the larger the possibility for swelling and tenderness of the area being worked on.

Weight loss surgery may enhance the entire body and cause mass weight loss.  Body contouring procedures treat local areas, such as:
Thighs and hips
Double chin/neck
Fat around the cheeks and midface
Fat deposits of the lower eye pads
Upper and lower arms
Upper and lower abdomen
Fat deposits of the back
Knees and legs

Other conditions that can be treated with body contouring:
Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement)
Fat mound in the pubic/genital area
Skin retraction
Scar revision
Unevenness that occurs after liposuction

A major benefit of either option is the confidence and healthy life that is gained out of the experience.  The procedures may or may not be covered by medical insurance and this should be thoroughly discussed with the doctor to determine if the treatment is affordable and what payment options may exist.

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