Andropause is the effect on men due to the decreasing androgens in their bodies and it is also referred to as male menopause by medical professionals around the world. Like menopause in women, andropause is a normal part of aging in men. In women, there estrogen level drops, in men there progesterone levels drop.

Symptoms of Andropause

• Bodily changes

• Mood changes

• Fatigue

• Loss of energy

• Sex drive

• Physical agility

• Weight gain

• Cardiovascular risks

As with women, andropause in males begins at a time when life often offers some of its greatest rewards it is often referred to as midlife or the middle years. Because this occurs at a point in life when most men begin to question their values, accomplishments and direction in life, it's often hard to contemplate that the changes that are taking place are related to more than just external circumstances.

In most cases, andropause is not diagnosed because symptoms can be vague and can vary greatly from individual to individual. Some men find it difficult to admit that they have a problem. And often doctors don't always associate low-testosterone levels as the reason for male health issues.

In most cases, testosterone replacement in men with andropause is highly effective and beneficial. If you think that you may be experiencing andropause you should discuss this with your doctor and ask about testosterone replacement therapy.

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