Age Spots

A great treatment for age spots is alpha hydroxy acid gel and beta hydroxy acid gel. And it's a simple process, you apply the gel each night before you go to bed. This product lightens the discoloration on your skin like freckles, age spots and pigmentation that may occur in pregnancy or from the use of oral contraceptives.

Another treatment option for age spots is Retin-A. Retin-A cream is applied to the spots once a day for a six-month period. The cream can lighten those large age spots and makes the smaller ones disappear altogether.

Age spots can also be treated with alpha hydroxy acid peels as well. This is normally done in your cosmetic dermatologist's office where an application of mild acid is applied to your skin and then your skin is allowed to heal.

And if you have blue eyes and light hair, a chemical peel is what may work best for you, but it can be effective for all skin types. This type of treatment is the second fastest way to get rid of age spots. The quickest way to get rid of age spots is with liquid nitrogen therapy.

Liquid nitrogen is air that is so cold that it is in liquid form (-321ᄃF). And again, this treatment option is performed in your cosmetic dermatologist's office where your doctor will spray the liquid nitrogen onto your age spot and this will force the mark to turn white a month or so after treatment. You should know that when liquid nitrogen is sprayed onto your skin, it will sting and can cause a permanent white spot or scar.

Other treatment options include bleaching solutions like hydroquinone can also help get rid of those unwanted age spots. And the best prevention of age spots is to protect your skin from exposure to the sun at all times. is a leading resource for age spots information. Search for a a href="">cosmetic dermatologist near you today!

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