Treatment for Age Spots

Age spots which are also called liver spots or solar lentigo are sections of skin that have damage to the pigment caused by exposure to the sun. Age spots can also be caused by bruising that leaves blood pigments behind. They are most common in people over age 55. The spots commonly appear on the hands but can occur almost anywhere, especially sun-exposed areas like the face, back, arms, feet, shoulders and face. These spots are common on the backs of the hand, face and legs. If you are a tanner, you are at even higher risk for age spots and in addition to these other areas, you will find age spots on your shoulders, back, chest as well as other exposed areas of the skin. But there is treatment for age spots.

Treatment for Age Spots Includes

• Freezing

• Acids

• Skin sanding

• Electric needle treatment

• Dermabrasion

• Chemical peels

• Lasers

Lasers are fast becoming the treatment option of choice because they have proven to be more accurate causing less damage to the skin because light is used to selectively remove the pigment without damaging the normal surrounding skin. There is also less pain and less time involved in healing and a much more rapid recover time is seen with laser treatment than with non-laser treatments. is a leading resource for treatment for age spots information. Search for a cosmetic dermatologist near you today!

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