Skin ageing caused by sun exposure, facial blemishes caused by disproportionate pigmentation and, in most cases, imperfections created by melanin, are increasingly common in our world today. Cosmelan is a cosmetic product that offers relief.

Dark blemishes found on your hands and face, are one of the biggest concerns of both men and women. With Cosmelan you can remove these blemishes and return your skin to a much smoother state.

Cosmelan Advantages Include:

• Very effective in treating all forms of melasma

• Rapid and easy depigmenting action

• It can be used on all skin types

• Light peeling effect

• Skin rejuvenation

• Safe to use all year round

• Great for people with acne

• Does not contain TCA

Cosmelan works by blocking the development of hyperpigmentation. The areas that can be treated include:

• Melasma

• Brown Spots

• Blotchy Skin

• Hyperpigmentation

During the first two days of using Cosmelan, your skin may turn red.

If your skin is extremely sensitive, you may experience an itching feeling. Slight burning and tightening of the skin can also occur, especially during the first 24 to 48 hours after you begin the use of the product.

On the second and third day following treatment, flaking can occur on all skin types. By the fourth day your skin will appear healthy and luminous.

The second application of Cosmelan is a home maintenance cream called Cosmelan 2 that should be applied 2 times per day during the first two weeks, and once a day from the third week on for up to a year to sustain the maximum results guaranteeing an optimum depigmentation response. is a leading resource for Cosmelan information. Search for a cosmetic dermatologist near you today!

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