Mild Rosacea

Does your face always looked flushed or red? If so, you may be experiencing a skin condition called mild rosacea. Rosacea afflicts millions of Americas every year and sadly most of the people have never even heard of it before their cosmetic dermatologist diagnoses them.

Rosacea plays no favorites, men and women both have this disorder, occurring most often in people between the ages of 30-50 who have fair skin and blush easily.

Rosacea appears in the form of red cheeks, as well as bumps and/or swelling that surface on the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. In most cases Rosacea often mimics acne.

Rosacea can be persistent issue if left untreated. In most cases treatment is required in order for healing to occur. If you are simply experiencing a slight redness to your cheeks, this is considered mild rosacea. But the most rigorous types can cause the skin that covers your nose to become swollen and red permanently unless otherwise treated.

Other Symptoms of Rosacea Include

• Burning eyes

• Stinging eyes

• Dry eyes

• Sties

Mild Rosacea Treatment and Skin Care

Rosacea treatment procedures come in a variety of forms and the type of treatment that you receive will depend on the degree of Rosacea that you are experiencing as well as other factors that will determine the best treatment option for your specific needs.

Redness on your face and acne lesions in most cases are treated with oral antibiotics and topical medications. Broken blood vessels can be treated with laser therapy. The more severe forms of rosacea also have a different menu of treatment options. You need to talk about your specific needs with your cosmetic dermatologist.

Mild Rosacea Prevention

No one really knows for sure what causes rosacea, but there are a number of things that can be AVOIDED in order to prevent rosacea.

• Sunlight

• Wind

• Cold or hot temperatures

• Alcohol

• Spicy foods

• Hot drinks

• Skin care products

• Rubbing or scrubbing of the face

• Exercise

• Sun block of at least SPF 15

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