Is Cool Lipo Right For You?

In Torrance, California and across the nation, patients have discovered the benefits that laser liposuction procedures may provide. Lasers have become entrenched in the medical field as valuable tools for their precision and relative safety when compared to certain alternatives. Lasers may help surgeons safely perform certain surgeries; they may provide solutions to patients tired of wearing glasses or contacts; lasers may also provide an answer to patients interested in liposuction, but wary of traditional liposuction procedures. Speaking with a medical professional regarding the use of lasers in performing liposuction procedures is important for patients interested in alternatives to the traditional means of the procedure.

Cool Lipo has provided patients in the Torrance area with satisfying results. This procedure is not intended for obese or unhealthy individuals. Instead, it is meant for healthy individuals who have trouble losing small, isolated pockets of fat deposits. When these pockets of fat do not respond to diet and exercise, many patients have turned to procedures such as Cool Lipo. Cool Lipo has been used to treat areas such as under the chin, the back of the arms and areas of fat deposits that other liposuction procedures may have left behind. Cool Lipo is intended for the removal of fat in a small area. Larger areas may be best left for other weight loss procedures. Patients who are interested in losing a great deal of weight or who are looking to remove larger pockets of unwanted fat should speak to a medical professional to discuss other options.

In most cases, general anesthesia is not required for this procedure. The surgeon will begin the procedure by cleansing the area and then injecting a local anesthetic. Once the area is numb, the procedure will commence. A laser is directed underneath the skin and energy is released to dissolve the unwanted fat. The surgeon will then move the laser to dissolve the fat cells around the treatment area. Not only does the laser dissolve the fat cells in the area, it promotes the growth of new collagen which over time may lead to the tightening of the skin. The doctor will then remove the dissolved fat, or leave it so that the body absorbs it. The procedure may take anywhere between an hour and three hours depending on the area being treated. Patients should speak to a medical professional regarding any aspect of the procedure that they are unsure of and ask any questions that they may have.

Patients may be required to wear a dressing around the treatment area following the procedure. This is meant to assist in the healing process, protect the area that was treated and tighten the skin. Patients may be required to wear this dressing for about 2 to 3 days. Many patients may not experience any problems with discomfort or bruising after this time period, but the recovery time for each patient may vary.

Patients in Torrance are encouraged to speak with a medical professional for more information regarding the healing process and the procedure in general. In a consultation with an experienced professional, patients may discuss possible risks or complications, the use of Cool Lipo in conjunction with other treatments and what degree of results patients may expect from this procedure. A comprehensive discussion with a medical professional may lead to more favorable results.

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