Dissolve Your Fat Away with LipoDissolve

For those who can't seem to get rid of those small pockets of fat deposits no matter what they do, certain laser liposuction or other lipo procedures may be able to help. LipoDissolve is a procedure that utilizes special chemicals which are designed to dissolve pockets of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. In Houston, Texas and across the United States, patients have been discovering the benefits of LipoDissolve. Speaking with a medical professional in Houston is often the best way to obtain more information about this procedure, but going into a consultation with a general knowledge of the procedure may help direct the patient's questions in the right way.

There are several body contouring procedures on the market that promise to melt away fat. These may utilize injections, as LipoDissolve does, or may utilize a scalpel or laser to get the job done. Patients are encouraged to speak with a medical professional at a reputable clinic to discuss all of their available options. Once patients have all of the information necessary, they may then make an educated decision as to which treatment is right for them.

Before beginning any treatment, patients must first determine if they are an ideal candidate for the procedure or treatment. Patients should discuss their candidacy for this procedure with a medical professional. Liposuction may be effective in removing larger areas of fat deposits, but LipoDissolve and many similar treatments may only be effective in removing small pockets of fat. Patients who are obese, overweight or unhealthy may not be considered candidates for this procedure. Patients who are in good health and who have small pockets of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise are generally considered ideal candidates for this procedure. Patients may also wish to speak with a medical professional regarding combining LipoDissolve with traditional liposuction.

LipoDissolve involves the injection of a formulation that consists of two chemicals that are naturally occurring- phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate. These chemicals are normally secreted and stored in the gall bladder and typically aide in the digestion of fat. The formulation is injected into the fatty area that is to be treated. The chemicals then go to work and dissolve the fat, which then passes through the body's natural processes where it is cleaned up. One session may be enough to treat two to three large areas. LipoDissolve has been effective in treating pockets of fat in the thighs, hips, chin, cheeks, lower eye pads, arms, abdomen, waist, back, knees and legs.

This procedure may also be effective in treating cellulite, gynecomastia, xanthelasma, lipomas, pubic mound, skin retraction, scars and general unevenness resulting from Lipoplasty or liposuction. For a complete list of possible uses of LipoDissolve, patients are encouraged to speak with a medical professional.

A trained physician should always perform this procedure. LipoDissolve is not a major procedure, but non-professionals or those who have not been properly trained in medicine or LipoDissolve specifically may cause complications.

The results of this procedure are not permanent. If the patient regains the weight, the fat pockets may return. It may take 1 to 4 treatments before optimal results may be reached, but this depends on the area being treated and the individual being treated.

The skin or muscles should not be affected by this procedure if it is performed correctly. Some mild pain during the injection may be expected with this procedure. Mild bruising, swelling, tenderness and burning sensation may be present following treatment. The soreness and bruising may disappear after 4 to 7 days, but patients should discuss recovery time with a medical professional at a clinic in their area.

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