A Celebrity Who Has Definitely Used a Cosmetic Dermatologist

Many people are under the misconception that celebrities are superhuman. Well, you can thank their publicists for that, because they're actually just people with the same hang-ups as anyone. Shocking, isn't it? There's no one more self-conscious, however, than Victoria Beckham.

Just take a look at before and after photos of her face, and it is obvious that a cosmetic dermatologist has helped her out a lot. Photos as recent as just a couple of years ago show that she's been hiding some notable acne pustules beneath layers of makeup. Now if you were to look at her, you'd see that while she still wears a lot of makeup, she's also got much clearer skin. Yes, some people grow out of their bad complexions, but Victoria, who clearly was one the poster girl for adult acne, seemed to have her face clear up overnight. She obviously must have an excellent cosmetic dermatologist.

So, what kinds of procedures could the cosmetic dermatologist have done to bring about such glowing results? Well, the first thing he probably tried was various kinds of laser treatments, which eradicate skin imperfections as well as increase blood flow to the skin. Also, there's a chance he might have moved on to a chemical peel, in which the top layer of the skin is removed.

However, it's important to mention that technology plays a big role in a celebrity's appearance. You might marvel at the magazine layouts depicting a celebrity with flawless skin, but in reality their zits have simply just been edited out.

One celebrity who is clearly in need of a cosmetic dermatologist is Cameron Diaz. It's tiring looking at paparazzi photos of her (close-ups at that) which depict a pizza face that rivals any pubescent teenager's. She's an attractive woman otherwise, and she certainly has the money, so why the heck doesn't she do something about her complexion?

It really is quite amazing the lengths that celebrities will go to in order to preserve their looks. In fact, some celebrities are better known for the work they've had done to themselves, rather than the acting work they've done!

However, to have a facial cosmetic procedure done on the face is actually very convenient. In fact, dermatologists often try to make the procedure a relaxing experience, as if the celebrity was going to a spa. Speaking of spas, they also often offer some of the same procedures that a dermatologist would. The procedures themselves don't take a long time, and the recovery time is minimal. This is the perfect kind of procedure to fit into a very busy schedule. Also, the side effects are generally just as minimal, with slight swelling or redness being the most common.

Of course, these kinds of procedures aren't restricted to only celebrities. Any average person can have them done, just as long as they have the financial means. Unfortunately, medical coverage doesn't cover cosmetic procedures, so if you're an everyday person hoping to get one of these procedures done, be prepared to shell out at least a few hundred dollars.

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