A Foto Facial is All the Rage!

You've always wanted a great tan. Why is it that celebrities always look so naturally sun kissed in magazines? What do they have that you don't – well, besides money? You've tried long and hard to get a great tan, but your light pigment has made it impossible to get anything but a sunburn.

The results of your tanning problems have resulted in you thinking about getting a foto facial. Your face, once even in tone and light in appearance, now has an odd beige color to it, and a mottled pigment. Yes, the time has come to get your face taken care of, and a foto facial can help.

A foto facial incorporates the latest in laser technology to erase the signs of sun damage. As you know, prolonged exposure to the sun can result in skin cancer, and a good tan certainly isn't worth it. Luckily, you've been checked for skin cancer, and the irregularities are just sun damage.

While relieved that your skin is cancer-free, you still are annoyed that not even the most elite foundation can cover what the sun has done to your face. For that reason, a foto facial is looking more and more appealing. Indeed, this procedure is among the most popular forms of cosmetic procedures available today.

So, what happens during the procedure? The doctor targets certain areas of the face, and lasers the damaged skin away. The best part of the procedure is that there's absolutely no recovery time needed – you just get clearer, healthier skin!

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