Are You Suffering From Mild Rosacea?

Many people envy celebrities because they, at least at first glance, seem to have a perfect complexion. However, what many celebrities don't like to be reminded of is that before all the makeup and procedures, they too had skin anomalies.

While acne is considered the most prevalent form of skin problems that people have , mild rosacea is also something that some people get. Mild rosacea appears most commonly in Caucasian people, especially in people from Western Europe. Thus, the condition can actually be genetic. However, it can also be caused by the presence of bacteria. The factors tend to vary for each patient, thus a dermatologist will need to do some tests to find out definitive causes.

Mild rosacea generally starts as a redness that appears on the face. It resembles how a person might look while blushing. However, even as a mild case, it can lead to additional problems like swollen eyes and little pustules on the skin. In the more severe cases, people's faces can actually become rather disfigured by it, most commonly in the form of blotchy, puffy skin, as well as a bulbous nose.

So, how can mild rosacea be treated? Well, it is most important to cleanse the skin each day with a cleanser that is specially formulated for sensitive skin. Additionally, the skin must always be shielded from the sun by wearing an SPF of at least 15. More severe cases will require the addition of antibiotics as part of the overall treatment process.


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