Are You the Right Candidate for Injections That Remove Fat?

Thanks to foods like pizza and French fries, people around the world are more obese than they have ever been before. Additionally, now that technology has advanced as much as it has, many people have the option of working from home on their computers. The result is a considerable lessening of physical exertion.

However, the overall advancements in technology have also resulted in advancements in medical technology, and one procedure that people are choosing to get is Smart Lipo. In order to have a better understanding of what this procedure is, it is important to understand how people get those little annoying pockets of fat in the first place.

When a person continuously eats foods that are high in fat, the body can only process so much of that fat. So, the unprocessed fat molecules start migrating to various areas of the body. Exactly where the fat migrates has to do with several different factors, including various genetic predispositions.

Smart Lipo is a laser procedure in which the fat molecules are eradicated, and the skin is tightened at the same time. Only small incisions are used in the procedure, which means that the chances of the patient getting scars are considerably lessened. As for the various areas on where this procedure can be performed, they include, the hips, chin, waist, face, thighs, and arms.

Something that any prospective patient should ask is in regard to whether or not he or she would be an ideal candidate for Smart Lipo in the first place. The ideal candidate is someone who is already at a body weight that is considered to be healthy for their frame, and would just like to add more contour to their body. Conversely, people who are extremely overweight would not at all be considered good candidates for this procedure.

Obviously, it is extremely important for any prospective patient to find the right doctor for this procedure. There are three things that a prospective patient should look for. First of all, the doctor should be fully certified, and only work out of a medical facility that is completely up to code. Second, the doctor should have a portfolio of successful procedures of this type. Lastly, the work of the doctor should be backed up by many verifiable testimonials.

Once the prospective patient has found a doctor to perform the procedure, the next step in the process is to schedule a consultation. The consultation part is where the doctor discusses the details of the procedure (which is an outpatient procedure that takes between two to three hours to complete). Additionally, the Body Mass Index of the patient will be determined in order to figure out how much fat can be safely removed.

Something that many people are curious about when it comes to learning about the Smart Lipo procedure is in regard to how long it will take before results will be seen. Since the skin needs to adapt to the amount of fat loss that has taken place, total results will be seen within a couple of months.

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