Can Fraxel Work for People with Sun-Damaged Skin?

Summertime means many different things to many different people. For some, it means two months off from work or school. Others might have to work through the summertime, but they take a vacation here or there and enjoy the sunshine. Well, enjoying the sunshine can be very relaxing, but it can also be damaging.

 People who are out in the sun for long hours on a regular basis (this is especially prevalent in people who like to boat) end up with blotchy or leathery skin, that procedures such as Fraxel are designed to help. Fraxel is one of the laser skin procedures available in which certain sections of the skin are gradually repaired, stimulating the growth of new tissue.

 How can skin become so damaged by being out in the sun? After all, the skin requires Vitamin D to say healthy, does it not? Well, it does, but only in small amounts – say, five minutes a day. Otherwise, over time the skin will take on that damaged appearance that Fraxel has to fix.

 The damaged appearance occurs when the skin, in an effort to protective itself from the rays of the sun, starts producing more melanin. This is where all of the excess freckles and moles come from. The Fraxel layers are designed to break up the melanin in the skin, thus promoting skin that is more evenly toned. In order to keep skin healthy, it is very important that the person wears an SPF whenever he or she will be in direct contact with the sun's rays.


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