Don't Pick Your Zits, Or You'll Get Acne Scaring!

Your parents have told you time and time again to stop picking your zits. Of course, whoever listens to their parents? You certainly don't. You're your own guy, and you will handle your appearance on your own terms. Of course, so far you haven't had any great ideas besides picking at your zits.

Of course, all of that poking and picking with those dirty hands of yours has led to some pretty significant acne scarring. Your skin used to be just littered with freckles, but now it's full of acne scaring that will probably not go away in the near future. Okay, you admit, maybe your parents had a point, but still, you do your own thing.

One day, when slumped at the kitchen table eating breakfast, your mother insists on peeling back the layers of greasy hair (by the way, did you ever think about washing your hair – it might help with the acne) to take a look at your face. When she sees the extent of your acne scaring, she screams. Well, that certainly did wonders for your self-esteem.

You've decided to wage a full-out war on your parents, your acne scarring, and the establishment. After all, who says that people with bad skin just have to suffer in silence? You're ready to start anew, and you're going Goth. You were already thought of as alternative anyway, so you're just going to amplify your look.

Modeling yourself after Marilyn Manson would be too obvious. No, you're going to channel the 80s and go for not just plain old Goth, but a hybrid of Goth and glam rock. Oh, your creative genius astounds you sometimes, it really does. So, rather than doing real homework, you decide to dedicate your time to researching your look.

After watching "Velvet Goldmine" several times, lots of pausing, and lots of sketching, you've finally got a look put together. You're not going to the lipstick, but you're definitely going to do the foundation makeup. After all, what good would this new look be to you if it didn't cover up your scars?

Your outfit will be a mix of black and dark green. You want your look to stand out, but at the same time blend in. Luckily, when you tell your girlfriend about your plans, she thinks your new look will be sexy. She's a punk rocker herself, and she's more than happy to lend you any accessories that you need.

Wow, you're realizing that this whole look is costing much more than you thought it would. It's a good thing you know where your dad's wallet is. Sure, you'll get caught eventually, but not before you have your look all figured out. You'll just pay him back later, sometime, like when you're forty.

The time has come for your look to be revealed. You got up three hours early this morning to make sure you looked just right. When you come down the stairs, you picture your parents standing up and applauding your independence. Instead, your father yells at you – he's seen the missing money, and your mother grabs a wash cloth and wipes off all your hard work.

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