Filling in Wrinkles with Dermal Fillers

In the summer, there are many different things that people like to do in order to have fun. Some people like to enjoy outdoor activities such as sports, while other people like to lie out in the sun for long periods of time and tan. Tanning is something that has become more and more popular amongst people since the early twentieth century, but too much tanning can lead to things like skin cancer and premature wrinkles.

Some people, in order to combat these wrinkles, decide that the time might be right to get various dermal filling procedures such as Perlane. In order to understand how Perlane works, it is important to have a better understanding as to what actually causes wrinkles. Wrinkles are caused by a depletion in Hyaluronic acid, which the skin produces to naturally cushion itself.So, Perlane involves injections of Hyaluronic acid to replace that which had been lost.

The injections are done as an outpatient procedure, and the patient is given a topical anesthetic beforehand. Something that people considering getting Perlane want to know is whether or not it will decrease sensation in the face (a scenario that is often caused by Botox). Since this substance is Hyaluronic acid that the body contains anyway, then the answer is no. It is important to note that it will take more than one session of injections in some cases for optimal results to be achieved. The injections should last anywhere from three to six months once they have been administered in their entirety.

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