Fraxel Laser Treatment: Redefining a Person's Skin

Everyone has something about their skin that they would like to change. Perhaps years of having acne have left deep scars that cannot even be covered by makeup. Or, perhaps the skin tone is uneven. As a person ages, it only makes sense that the appearance of wrinkles and age spots become a main source of worry, too.

While people have had these problems for centuries, they could not do anything about them, but now there are medical procedures like Fraxel that can help. Lasers have been used for various procedures for many years now, since they can treat many different things. Fraxel involves taking an advanced form of a laser, and treating many of the skin conditions that people have always wanted to be rid of, but did not know that it was even an option to have that done.

Specifically, Fraxel divides the skin area into zones of a microscopic size, because any skin problems that a person has have been caused by damaged skin cells within the epidermal tissue. Thus, the procedure focuses on treating the original epidermal layer (meaning the bottom one) without affecting the regular tissue around the damaged area at all. Thus, the healing time after the procedure is reduced, and the growth of new, healthy skin tissue to overtake the damaged tissue is promoted.

Fraxel is a unique procedure in that it combines the intensity of other kinds of lasers with results that are very non-invasive. In fact, if a woman were to have this procedure, since it focuses on the deeper parts of the skin tissue, rather than the surface layers, she can actually apply makeup immediately afterwards. Also, people who have this procedure done (which is performed on an outpatient basis) are usually immediately able to return to regular activities.

There is not just one session of this treatment. Rather, optimal results are achieved after an average of five sessions, each of which are spaced out over a period of a couple of months. As for how the procedure itself is performed, an anesthetic ointment is applied to the area that is going to be treated about an hour before the actual procedure. This way, the doctor can be sure that the anesthetic has taken full effect. The procedure itself takes less than a half hour, immediately after which the ointment is washed off.

As for why a person might need this procedure done in the first place, it is very important to note that much of skin damage is done by the effects of the sun. The sun, in moderation, is good for people to get some Vitamin D, but too much exposure to the sun results in lots of damaged skin cells, which this procedure can fix. You can easily spot a person who has had too much sun exposure, because the skin will take on a leathery look, complete with lots of wrinkles. Thus, it is very important immediately following each procedure that the patient pays special attention to wearing sunscreen of an SPF of 30 or above.

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