How a Prospective Patient Can Find the Right Treatment for Age Spots

Something that has been very popular for the last century or so has been getting a tan. There are a few different reasons why people decide to get tans. First of all, tans hide skin imperfections such as wrinkles and acne. Also, getting a tan gives the skin a color that is considered healthy, and makes the skin look more toned.

However, as a person gets older they will not be seeking out getting a tan so much as they will be seeking a treatment for age spots. Age spots are something that is instantly recognizable. They look like moles, and appear in multitudes on the forehead and backs of hands.

There are two main things that cause age spots, the first being genetics, and the second being sun exposure. Years of the skin being unprotected from the sun's rays can cause the melanin to build upon itself. If left untreated, there is also a chance that the age spots could become cancerous.

Treatment for age spots varies in terms of how severe the age spots are. For minimal ones, a treatment for age spots would be in the form of vitamin supplements. For example, sometimes adding extra Vitamin D can be effective in dispersing the excess melanin pigment.

Treatment for age spots that are more serious comes not in the form of vitamins, but most prominently in the form of laser therapy. Laser treatments are considered a very effective treatment for age spots. For more information, it is important to speak to a dermatologist.

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