How Can Facial Spider Veins be Treated?

There are many different reasons why a person might develop irregularities with their circulation. For example, these circulatory problems might be directly related to obesity issues. High cholesterol or high blood pressure are also two possible causes. Although circulatory problems often manifest themselves in the legs, they can also manifest themselves in the face.

Take, for example, the situation involving facial spider veins. These kinds of veins are actually not caused so much by circulatory problems as they are by either too much exposure to the sun, or simply because of genetics. Facial spider veins usually occur in people with fair skin, and can appear as early as when a person is in their thirties.

Some people with facial spider veins think that there is a chance that they could just disappear on their own, but the reality is that they usually do not. This being said, facial spider veins are not usually considered to be very serious, and people usually get rid of them more for cosmetic reasons.

Just as with spider veins in the legs, veins in the face can be treated through either sclerotherapy or laser treatments. Sclerotherapy consists of medicinal injections that are designed to collapse the vein and eradicate its appearance.

In the case of laser treatments, the heat of the laser can be used in a precise manner to eradicate the problematic vein or veins altogether. Regardless of the treatment method that is chosen, more than one session will b needed in order to successfully treat the veins.

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