How to Tell if You Are a Good Candidate for a Facial Chemical Peel

Many people would agree with the fact that spending time out in the sunlight is a lot of fun. People like to just relax out in the sun, and also work on their tans. However, tanning naturally is definitely not healthy for the skin, and it also increases the chances that a person could develop skin cancer.

However, since dermatological procedures have advanced as much as they have, people who have weathered skin can elect to have a facial chemical peel. Actually, the facial chemical peel is used to treat more than just the effects of sun damage.

For example, it is a natural process for the skin to start to wrinkle. However, people who elect to get a facial chemical peel often find themselves prematurely wrinkling. Yes this can indeed be because of sun damage, but it can also be because of smoking, or because of genetics.

The facial chemical peel itself takes place in an outpatient setting, most likely the office of the dermatologist. The patient sits down in a chair that is very similar to the kind of chair that is used in a dentist's office. Next, the face is cleaned, and the chemical itself is lightly applied to the face.

What the chemical basically does is dissolve the top layers of the skin, which takes away the damage done by irregular skin pigmentation and wrinkles. Once the procedure is over, the patient will need to stay out of direct sunlight, and although there might be a little redness, the skin will immediately look noticeably smoother.

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